Economic Mixed Vegetable Rice @ He Xi Restaurant

Economic Mixed Vegetable Rice, a norm dish in most coffee shops and hawker center in Singapore.

A plate of plain white rice plus few dishes of “vegetables” can cost from S$2.00 to a few more dollars buck depending on the type of dish chosen.

S$2.50 / 3 dishes “vegetables” and 1 scooe of rice

Current economic turns slight “sour” and the best way to have something “economically” and rich in portion is to have a “economic mixed vegetable rice set”.

“He Xi” economic vegetarian rice set has a great variety of vegetarian dishes to choose from.

From fried kangkong, fried spinach, fried potato with tomato sauce, fried pumpkim etc.

I liked most is their mock chicken cooked in famous chinese sauce resulted a vegetarian “gong bao ji ding” style.


Another dish I liked from “He Xi Restaurant” is Mixed Mushroom cooked with Fried Beancurd.

The smooth and flavoured saurce combined the smooth mushroom and beancurd, a very well done dish that would allows me to ask for a second portion.



Blk 4, Upper Aljunied Lane

#01-22, S360004

Operating Hours : Monday to Saturday from 7.30am to 8.30pm

(Closed on Sunday except on 1st & 15th day of lunar month)

MRT : Aljunied (From Aljunied MRT, take SBS bus 62)


Yong Tau Fu @ He Xi Restaurant

Phew! After few days down with flu, finally able to recover abit.

Therefore, for lunch, I chose something light and yet still flavourable.

My frequent patriot for lunch during working days will be He Xi Restaurant situate at Blk 4, Upper Aljunied Lane, #01-22, S360004, is a fully vegetarian eatery house with its main chef and helpers from China (I think). The lady boss and her son are always full of energy when serving customers and taking orders, same for the helpers!

They have a great variaty of  vegetarian delicacy from economic rice to soup noodle etc.

Yong Dou Fu @ 7pcs for S$2.50

Yong Dou Fu @ 10pcs for S$3.00

Yong Dou Fu @ 12pcs for S$3.50

Addition cost for 1 bowl of white rice or add noodle @ S$0.50.

One can choose between dry or soup Yong Dou Fu.

I liked the soup one not only because I just recover and craving for soupy but also because of their light and not very salty flavour base. It clear my intestine.



Blk 4, Upper Aljunied Lane

#01-22, S360004

Operating Hours : Monday to Saturday from 7.30am to 8.30pm

(Closed on Sunday except on 1st & 15th day of lunar month)

MRT : Aljunied (From Aljunied MRT, take SBS bus 62)

Mixed Fruit Soya Drink

Down with sudden flu, my mood also down.

No choice but to make myself something vitamin C.


Add Apple, Orange, Grape and cold soy drink into a blender, within minute, a healthy Mixed Fruit Soya Drink hopefully can cure my flu.

Kueh Lapis @ Xin Yuan Vegetarian Food Trading

Wanted to go swimming on an early sunday morning. Before the tough exercise, I dun dare to eat too much or too little. Therefore I chosen local delicacy “Kueh Lapis” for the prior swim breakfast.

S$3.20 / box , eggless “Kueh Lapis” bought from Xin Yuan Vegetarian Food Trading located at Fortune Centre, 150 Middle Road, #01-25, S188979,on the day before and I was told that this can last for four to five days.    

What could be the taste for eggless “Kueh Lapis”?

It was actually “delicious”.

The moment my finger hold on to the “Kueh Lapis”, the smooth texture feel immediately “goes down” my heart. I popped one piece of nicely cut “Kueh Lapis” into my mouth, I could already taste a faint “soya” taste (though not quite sure whether this eggless kueh lapis was made from soya?) and the smooth “Kueh” just diffused throughout my mouth. The “Kueh Lapis” was extremely lovely, though not very “butter-like” (as per normal “Kueh Lapis” possess) and it was not “oily” (normal “Kueh Lapis” normally possess a oily texture) too.


Xin Yuan Vegetarian Food Trading
190 Middle Road
#01-25, Fortune Centre
Operating Hours: Mon ~ Fri, 9.30AM ~ 7.00PM
                            Sun / PH, 12.00PM ~ 5.00PM
(Nearest MRT : Bugis)

I would definately going to buy a box of “Kueh Lapis” from Xin Yuan again.

Vegetarian Burger @ Ya Te Vegetarian Confectionary (Aljunied)

Long craving for burger and happened to pass by Ya Te Vegetarian Confectionary during lunch today (since my current work place situate near Aljunied Estate).

Located at unit 01-06, Upper Aljunied Lane, Singapore 360004, Ya Te Vegetarian Confectionary quietly sits on the ground floor of Blk 4 HDB flat.

The shop sells eggless vegetarian hand-made cake, hand made trandition chinese biscuit and a variety of bread. They also import ready vegetarian goodies from Taiwan and other ASEAN’s countries.

I bought the mock “chicken” burger which cost me S$1.30/Pcs. This will be for my dinner treat.


Mock chicken, I dun fancy it to be extremely delicious. Too me, as long as it can ease my craving and stuff my hungry stomach will do the job. The best thing having this burger from “Ya Te” was the vegetarian cheese they used, the cheezy effect, cool…

As for the bun, well, it was average, very normal bread which one usually have for breakfast. How I wish that the bun can be made as silmilar to those fast foods kind of burger bun. At least.


Dinner : Fried Noodle cum “Kuey Tiao”

Tonight, I had fried noodle cum “kuey tiao” for dinner.

One big (spicy cooked) mork fish, green veggie and curry “juicy” mork meat (fried with pineapple) made up the ingredients for this pack dinner.

I dun fancy the mork meat as there was only one piece available while most of the curry were pineapple. What a weird combination?

The green veggie (not very sure what is it, taste abit like potato veggie) was okay, not too salty, not too oily.

The sweet and spicy mork fish on the other hand did not turn out to be quite bad but it was abit hard, not really recommendable for elderly or children with weak teeth.


The fried mixture of noodle and “kuey tiao” was though not perfect but able to “beat” its “neighbour” curry mork meat.


Breakfast – Bread cum Brown rice roll?

If one wants to have a simple breakfast but not to repeat what one had on the day before, well,

be creative abit to create own style of junk.

Yap, I did one today, the sudden impulse to try something “new”?

What can be put within a slice of bread other than the normal peanut butter, jam and kaya?

How about rice within it?

What? Rice?

Yeh, rice, brown rice and its a roll.


Two flavoures brown rice (one with egg and the other without egg, with seaweed) from Taiwan brand “Pei Tien”.


I dun take egg and therefore chosen the seaween flavoured one, it enriches the tasteless bread that I had. The crunching “effect” inside and the softness of the bread outside, well, a rather cool combination though. It taste totally different from the normal sweetness we have for bread + (jam, peanut butter, kaya etc.) and the slight salty taste brighten an early morning. If one is not filling enough, how about two, three…

PS : Reminber to add a cup of hot beverage (e.g. milo) or cold soya in your menu.