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Vegetarian Fish Soup Mee Hoon @ PINE TREE (BUGIS)

Finally had a chance to taste food from PINE TREE. Usually when I go to Bugis, I would usually go for those vegetarian stalls situated near Temples. Last Saturday, together with cousin S went to Bugis for small gather. Long time no see, he sure grown up more than I expected (especially after he enrolled into U.)

S$4.00 / Bowl

The overall taste for the milky look vegetarian mork fish soup been hoon is above my expectation expecially when before convert to vegetarian, I am already a big fan of fish soup been hoon.The “milky” soup base cooked with big tomatoes allow it to be more tasty, with the adding of seaweed, it sure gives a “breezy” sea feeling…


The smooth been hoon, as usually slip in your throat without few secounds!