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Vegetarian Lasek Lemak

S$2.50 / plate (He Xi Restaurant every Tuesday)


This malay specialty though is a vegetarian style is quite delicious too.

The greenish favour rice cooked with Pandan leaf and coconut milk enrich the fragrant into a higher level.

Though lack of fried chicken wings, fish etc, the mock fish slice and mock meat slice may not have the real tendancy, but acceptable.

Mock Ikan Bilis with cruching nuts added more local delicancy feel.

The best of all, the red chilly sauce, spicy and sweet, add up to the taste bug!

Overall, this dish is above average for a vegetarian.


Vegetarian Lemon Chicken Rice @ He Xi Restaurant


This lemon mock chicken tasted abit dry and hard as compared to non-vegetarian style of master piece chicken. But I can take it as I actually do not really like those real chicken tendency. Weird isn’t it?

But the mock chicken sure tasted crispy! 


As for the rice, the fragrant is there, so overall, it is an above average dish.

Vegetarian Fish Soup Mee Hoon @ PINE TREE (BUGIS)

Finally had a chance to taste food from PINE TREE. Usually when I go to Bugis, I would usually go for those vegetarian stalls situated near Temples. Last Saturday, together with cousin S went to Bugis for small gather. Long time no see, he sure grown up more than I expected (especially after he enrolled into U.)

S$4.00 / Bowl

The overall taste for the milky look vegetarian mork fish soup been hoon is above my expectation expecially when before convert to vegetarian, I am already a big fan of fish soup been hoon.The “milky” soup base cooked with big tomatoes allow it to be more tasty, with the adding of seaweed, it sure gives a “breezy” sea feeling…


The smooth been hoon, as usually slip in your throat without few secounds!


Mee Rebus @ He Xi Restaurant

  S$2.50 / Plate

Every Thursday, He Xi Restaurant will have their fixed Malay cuisine – Mee Rebus up on the shelve.


Prior eating, I like to sqeeze a small lime “around” the noodle and saurce to give it a little “sour” taste.

The “starchy” spicy gravy fits well with the yellow noodle.


Scatter with bits of nut and fresh bean sprouts to give the dish the cruching taste.

Normally used egg we sees is replaced by vegetarian style of fried beancurd.

However, the taste remain, overall it was good.

Hor Fun @ He Xi Restaurant

I liked Hor Fun as many Singaporean do.

“Hor Fun” is a cantonese style of dish localized with local culture.

S$3.00 / Small Wok (as seen photo) from He Xin Restaurant

Mainly, most “Hor Fun” is usually cooked by using rice noodle (as its name “Hor Fun” means rice noodle in cantonese). Others, it can be using noodle (like the Hokkien style) or “Been Hoon” as the ingredients.

Now converted to vegetarian meaning I would abandoned all those sweet memories of past non-vegetarian style of “Hor Fun”.

Green vegetables, carrot, mock fish cake, mork prawn etc. I shall slowly used to like them soon as the side ingredients for my “Hor Fun” treat.